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Children's health physical examination


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Prediction and analysis of 2012 China's medical market growth

Date:2014.10 Label:Latest News  Source:Administrator

"2012-2016 health care products industry development analysis and Investment Forecast Research Report" is in a large number of thorough market research basis, the main 2012-2016 Lactacyd industry development analysis and Investment Forecast Research Report "2012-2016 Lactacyd industry development analysis and Investment Forecast Research Report" is in a large number of thorough market research basis, main 2012-2016 forecast of coenzyme Q10 industry analysis and investment research and development "2012-2016 years of coenzyme Q10 the development of the industry analysis and Investment Forecast Research Report" is in a lot of careful market research based on the related research report more > > Chinese medical equipment market has great potential, and will maintain rapid growth, is expected in the next few years China's medical device industry compound growth rate will remain at 20% ~ 30%, China's medical equipment industry has ushered in the golden period of development.
Statistical data shows, global medical equipment market scale has occupied the total size of the global pharmaceutical market in 42%, and has the potential to expand. The next few years, the global medical equipment market will be 4% to 6% growth rate. Medical Devices Market in China has great potential, China's medical equipment industry total output value for the first time exceeded 100000000000 yuan mark in 2010, many medical products production scale ranks first in the world. Rely on cost advantage and R & D to accumulate promotion industry chain position, and the expenditure, in increasing medical expenses increasing consumption ability and consciousness of health, and the promotion of China's medical and health system reform and other positive factors, is expected to China's medical equipment industry over the next few years compound growth rate will be maintained at more than 20%.
Positive prediction about the prospects of the development of medical equipment industry from the famous global medical industry exhibition platform -- Germany Dusseldorf international hospital and medical equipment exhibition (MEDICA) and the Brazil St Paul International Medical Equipment Exhibition (COMPAMED) the latest data released also confirmed. In 2011, MEDICA and COMPAMED, the scale of the exhibition are maintained significant growth, especially China exhibitors exhibition area reached 6700 square meters, second only to Germany and Italy, ranking third. This not only reflects the China medical industry in recent years the development and international competitiveness, also shows Chinese medical industry giant. And in March 23rd of this year ~ 25 days, Chinese PLA General Logistics Department of the Ministry of health, the China World Trade Center Company Ltd will host the twenty-fourth session of the international medical equipment exhibition in Beijing (CHINAMED2012), when a large number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad and in this platform to show the international advanced products and technology, AC Frontier Medical Theory and practice experience.

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