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Eat what food do not before check-up?

Date:2014.10 Label:Latest News Source:Administrator

Choose to do the healthy physical examination, physical examination before 1 to 3 days of the diet should be light, the doctor reminds, the best in the examination before two weeks eat seafood and other food, the following 6 kind of food is easy to affect the results of physical examination, diet should be checked before;
1, high iodine content of food
Don't eat the high iodine content of food for two weeks before the examination, such as deep sea fish oil, algae, kelp, sea fish, jellyfish and other seafood, because of the high iodine content, will affect the measurement of thyroid function.
2, containing purine food
The middle-aged man with annual physical examination, attention should be paid to detecting the blood uric acid level, because the purine food has the effect on uric acid detection, so do not eat contain purine foods, such as animal offal, seafood.
3, animal blood products
Animal blood products have a certain effect on the fecal occult blood test to check. Sugar food, containing 4
A medical examination prior to try not to eat a variety of sweets, drinks and so on, these foods high in sugar, have certain effect on blood sugar, urine sugar test.
5, high protein food
Such as egg, meat and so on, so as not to affect the detection of renal function. 6, high fat food
If you eat fatty foods, such as meat, animal offal, blood lipids would rise, affect the detection of blood lipid.

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