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Who needs an annual medical examination?

Date:2014.10 Label:Latest News Source:Administrator

The first kind of person -- white collar
In 4000 more than 31 - to 60 year old white-collar survey, found that the incidence of fatty liver is as high as 12.9%, obesity rate reached 31.6%, hyperlipidemia prevalence rate was 12.8%, the prevalence rate of coronary heart disease 3.1%.
According to expert analysis, white-collar fatty liver, hyperlipidemia prevalence rate is more high prevalence rate than the rest of the population, may be due to white-collar workers often have excessive feeding, into the cold food, eat supper and other irregular diet, disrupting their normal metabolism, providing conditions for fatty liver and obesity. If a physical examination every year, these diseases can do early detection, timely treatment.
Second kinds of people -- sub-health population over the age of 40
18 to 40 year olds with age, body and mind gradually downhill, over the age of 40, the proportion of latent disease states has suddenly rising. Sub health state is in middle age become clear. Shoulder the burden of the family business and the middle-aged man, the sub healthy state should not belittle, to avoid future Zhucheng disease.
Third kinds of people -- chronic patients
Some have been suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, hepatitis, stomach disease, asthma, kidney disease and other diseases, they may get temporary relief in the doctor's careful treatment, but the "ease" is not equal to put things right once and for all. Therefore, these patients still should be regularly return visit and inspection of the disease.
Fourth kinds of people -- factory, mine workers long-term work load is too large
Busy work life, perhaps everybody is fighting for yourself and your family in the future, but does not know the body is the root of all. When you may begin to spread disease unknowingly body, appropriate physical examination can: "their children suffer suffer less, collect, save medical expenses, such as" don't come to the end of life, at that time already late.

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